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The leaders of Yanzhou District Party Committee met the president of ROTTLER Mr. Ralph Rottler, and his party

On July 19, Zhang Yuhua, Secretary of Yanzhou District Party Committee met Mr. Ralph Rottler, the president of ROTTLER, Chief Engineer  Mr.UlrichKrause and their party. Both sides had candid and in-depth communication

Secretary Zhang Yuhua first welcomed Mr. RalphRottler and other leaders to come to Yanzhou for cooperation negotiation, and was very glad to see the progress in cooperation between ROTTLER and Yonghua Machinery based on mutual trust and joint efforts. Then, Zhang introduced the current economic and social development of Yanzhou and convinced to provide favorable conditions for good, effective cooperation of both sides to continue to move forward.

Mr.Ralph Rottler also introduced the development of ROTTLER and thanked for the support in the enterprises and projects from Yanzhou District Party Committee and District and hoped to continue to support and promote the cooperation projects to achieve win-win situation as soon as possible. 

Dong Bo, deputy secretary and district governor of Yanzhou District Party Committee, vice district governor Qiu Peiyou, Tangjun, the member of standing committee, Song Jimin,  director general of Commercial Bureau and other leaders also took part in the discussion.


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