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 Yonghua CNC training center trains hundreds of recognized CNC programmers, operation technician, equipment maintenance engineers every year, serving every filed in machine manufacturing industry. The training project is on the purpose of helping users using machine tools in greatest extent, totally improving operation efficiency, shortening programming and clamping time, improving processing efficiency of factory. At the same time, it improves users’ equipment maintenance ability and management level, so as to reach the purpose of hedging and appreciation of assets.

             oSmall class or one-one training. Guide professionally according to the interest and knowledge level of every trained learner. Sharing professional technology and experience of trainers make learner learn best.

                   oWe provide primary operation training and advanced training, assuring every learner mastering technology needed, by explaining different level of knowledge to different job requirement.
                   ocombining theory and practice of processing and CNC realizes the seamless connection from class to actual products, assuring learners get to work rapidly after training.
                   o We offer personalized training course according to demand and technology research, satisfying users’ specific training demand.
                   oguide users on site and assist users to master operation skills rapidly, and thus solving problems using machine tools.

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