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Installation and test
ocomplete the preparation: We provide products usage condition list, including technology condition such as foundation drawing, assisting jack-up equipments, assisting materials, electricity, gas source etc before delivery of products, providing on-site guidance if necessary.
oRapid delivery: Programmed installation and test, assures orderly and rapid delivery, effectively shortening the production preparation period and starting operation as soon as possible.
opersonalized setting: We offer products personalized function and parameter setting service according to your demand, so as to satisfying tour operation habit and reach the best efficiency.

Malfunction repair
o24×7 service hotline: accepting malfunction repair all day and response rapidly. Senior service engineer solve your problem by phone.
oWe have 15 service sites all around the country, making sure the malfunction can be solved in the first time and recover normal running for production.

Precaution repair and maintenance
oPrecaution repair: Yonghua offers regular repair service, checking key parts of machine tool, so as to reduce the risk of malfunction.
oRegular maintenance: Yonghua offer seasonal and annual maintenance for every machine tool, making sure finding abrasion in time. Oil can be used normally. It will largely lengthen the precision and working life of machine tool.
oMaintenance note: We will show the next time for maintenance regularly for you to contact our engineer in time, making sure the important parts getting maintenance in time.

 Spare parts

oevery machine tool spare part change uses original factory’s spare parts, making sure the best function and working life of machine tool.
oYonghua has spare parts warehouse in office in our country, guaranteeing that spare parts will be sent to site and exchanged in shortest time.

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